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 I should said this before but...

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PostSubject: I should said this before but...   Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:27 am

...but i thinking can fix my life and find possibility and time to play, atm this impossible, hope will back soon. I did a lot good and sometimes bad things for this clan, and ppl from this clan, hope u wont blame me coz i leave like this. For not i dont play in anything, just work and real life things.., realy miss time when we all play together, i find a lot good ppl on l2max, and in this clan, some of them dont like me, some of them respect me, some ppl love me Razz What about me, i dont reasons to hate someone even on whole l2max, i have a lot other things to hate in my life. no nervs for this in game Smile I realy hope can start play again soon, maybe not so much as before but better than nothing Smile Even if l2max can be best boring server in world, i play here just for ppl who i meet here and wont leave them.

P.s. Sls still best whore on whole l2max Very Happy and yes u can blame me bitch Razz
gk, good luck and have fun guys Smile
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I should said this before but...
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